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Last week, I made the trip to Knoxville for some family sessions and senior portraits.  It worked out well, since Darrell played a show there on Tuesday night… except for the fact that we arrived back home in Nashville at 2:30am on Wednesday morning… yeah, except that…

Even though my body is still recuperating from the late, LATE nights… my spirit has been nurtured deeply by the sweet time spent with family and great friends.

Some of those friends, we’ve known since the Powell Young Life days.  Lindsey contacted me to take some family photos and then called me back a few days later to add her in-laws to the shoot.  I was thrilled because her in-laws, Nikki and Cliff, also graduated from Powell… so, we had ourselves a big fat PHS reunion!  SO FUN!!!  What was MORE fun than that, you ask?!?!  Their three BEAUTIFUL, little girlie girls.  I was in heaven.

Then… I asked Darrell to be my second shooter slash baby wrangler and we had a BLAST together!

Just a quick warning:  I’m having a difficult time choosing my favorites because they’re ALL so stinkin’ cute.  Soooo, there are a TON of photos coming at ‘cha.  Enjoy!



Cliff (the guy in the orange) doubted I could get a shot of everyone looking AND smiling… Booyah!!!  🙂


I love, LOVE this one of Lindsey, Eric and sweet Emery.


Next, we had some Tea Time in Market Square…  🙂



And, Lillibug had some cheese too… of course!  Ha!


Then, we invited the Daddies to Tea.  I adore the way she is looking up at him with her big, brown eyes… precious.




I’m in love with this pic too because of the phrase above the restaurant.  Couldn’t be more true for this extended family.


I had to end with this one because it makes me crack up EVERY TIME I look at it.  These girls were so brave because it was FREEZING outside.  Hopefully, none of these beauties got sick from the cold.


Violet and Young Family… thank you so much for our “play date”.  I LOVED our time together!!!  LOTS more great pics coming to you soon.  These were just a “few” of my favorites!  Hope your parents love the Christmas photo!  🙂



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This will be quick because I am MORE than excited about this day… and, I don’t want to waste any time on the computer.

In one hour, we will be going to breakfast with my fabulous family (fabufam?) and then waving goodbye as my amazing mom takes my children home with her to SPEND THE NIGHT.  Yes, Darrell and I will have ALL day and night (and some of tomorrow) without our little ones.

I love my children.  I.  Really.  Do.  However, D and I haven’t been without them since…. honestly, I can’t remember when.

Soooo… this day is ours… completely.  We may do a movie marathon, we may go shopping, we may just go back home and sit in the silence.  Whatever we decide to do, It’s gonna be awesome!!!

AND, even better… tonight we are going to the Roller Derby with Cali and Will!  Haha!  I’m seriously SO excited about it!!!  I’m sure that will be another blog post all on its own!  Lol.  🙂

Just to make sure you (internet) know I love my children, here’s some pics from last week.



Tomorrow, we get up early to travel to Knoxville for Fall Break.  I have several family sessions scheduled and one senior portrait.  So, be on the look out for more sneak peeks!  Also, my beloved has a gig at the Square Room in Knox opening for our dear friend Ryan Long and Mark Wagner.  So, come check out the show if you’re in town.  Tuesday night, doors open at 7:30pm.

Ok, I’m signing off for the entire day.  It’s gonna be a great one…

Ready… Set…

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Meet James and John.  Or, the “Sons of Thunder” as their momma calls them.  🙂

James is the SMARTEST two year old that I’ve ever met.  Seriously.  This kid is a genius.  And, he’s even taking Photography at the local community college too.  Check out his camera.

James became my new BFF and told his Nana that he loved “Krissstiin”.  Cue: My heart melting.


And this is one week old John Brooks.  Adorable.  Sweet.  New.  Squishy.

I love my job.  Sigh.



James, the scary dinosaur.  RAWR!!!


I’m a little obsessed with the next two photos.

I went cuckoo over the curls… and, I love love love the LIFE in the family shot.



Thank you Lackey’s!

What a treat to meet both your boys.  I’m excited to watch as they continue growing.  Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek.  Thanks for putting off the Vols game to spend some time with me!  😉

Love you guys,


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